Brownie Bass Tulloss
Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920
Cows at Shelter Farm ca 1955
Red House Tavern office building 2005

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The Town Council appointed a board of trustees who were instructed to oversee the construction of this school which was the first two-story school house built in Prince William County.

The building was used as the schoolhouse for about twenty years, until the larger Haymarket School was built at the end of North Fayette Street. Though no longer needed as a school, the building has been used as a public space for the citizens of Haymarket in a number of capacities: a polling place for general and primary elections, a library, the Haymarket Women's Club meeting place, town hall, and office for town constable and police.

In 2002 the building barely survived a devastating fire that forced the Town Council to move the Town Hall offices across the street to the old Gossom's Hardware Store while the Old Town Hall underwent extensive repairs in order to reopen as the Haymarket Museum.


Images in top banner, left to right: Brownie Bass Tulloss ca 1900; Haymarket Horse Show ca 1960; Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920; "Red House Tavern" office building 2005; Haymarket Women's Club meeting ca 1950s; Cows on Shelter Farm ca 1950

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The building on the corner of  Jefferson and Fayette Streets was constructed in 1884 by Will Shirley on land donated to the town by the late Thomas Smith, John Reid, and Eppa Hunton.

The minutes of the Haymarket Town Council from October 26, 1883 indicate that at least $561 was raised to build the combination town hall and school: $411 from "subscriptions" and $150 from an "oyster supper."

Photo of students in front of Haymarket School from Manassas Journal Messenger