Brownie Bass Tulloss
Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920
Cows at Shelter Farm ca 1955
Red House Tavern office building 2005

 Old Post Office (aka Haymarket Drugstore)

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The building that is now known as the Old Post Office, was built in 1885 by George Hulfish, who then sold it to Henry Ross Bragg in 1887. Bragg owned the property for twenty-nine years and, since he doesn't appear to have owned any other property in Prince William County, it seems this was his home , as well as his business.

Henry Ross Bragg is listed in the 1900 U.S.Census as living in Haymarket and working as a constable. By 1910, his profession is listed as "keeper of a livery stable." Bragg died in 1913 and his heirs sold the property in 1916 to Albert B. Rust.

Alma Brady and Jack Pearson
Haymarket Pharmacy 2009
Haymarket Pharmacy II
Haymarket Pharmacy I

These three interior photos of the Haymarket Drugstore were taken by the renowned photographer, John Collier, for the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1941 while in Haymarket to take photos of a chicken farm. Photos courtesy Library of Congress.

Haymarket Pharmacy as Post Office

According to Sarah Turner's book, Haymarket: A Town in Transition, Albert B. Rust was a "strong civic leader" who invested in real estate and built and owned the Haymarket Bank. It must of been during Rust's ownership that the property was first used as a drugstore, because when it was sold again in 1932, it was referred to as the "Drugstore Property."

In 1938, J.W. Rhoades and Edward Beverly bought the property and continued using the building as a drugstore. The Beverly family sold the property in 1945 to Cary Smith who was married to Brownie Bass Tulloss, longtime Haymarket town clerk. Mr. Smith converted the store to a post office and served as the town's Postmaster from 1933 to 1959. The building continued to be used as the Haymarket Post Office until the 1980s.

Items found in the Old Post Office during the restoration of 2012-2013

Images in top banner, left to right: Brownie Bass Tulloss ca 1900; Haymarket Horse Show ca 1960; Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920; "Red House Tavern" office building 2005; Haymarket Women's Club meeting ca 1950s; Cows on Shelter Farm ca 1950

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Alma Brady and Jack Pearson circa 1920s in front of the Haymarket Pharmacy during their courtship. Photo courtesy Mike Kidwell.

Haymarket Pharmacy

Haymarket Pharmacy during its time as the Haymarket Post Office, circa 1970s. Photo courtesy Charles Crane.