Brownie Bass Tulloss
Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920
Cows at Shelter Farm ca 1955
Red House Tavern office building 2005

 2016 Museum Exhibits


May - June

Salute to Law Enforcement


July - August

Salute to the Railroad


September - October 8

History of Haymarket


October 8 - November 6

Haymarket Quilters


November 19 - December 31

Christmas in Haymarket, 1943


Images in top banner, left to right: Brownie Bass Tulloss ca 1900; Haymarket Horse Show ca 1960; Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920; "Red House Tavern" office building 2005; Haymarket Women's Club meeting ca 1950s; Cows on Shelter Farm ca 1950

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