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Men who enlisted in 17th Virginia Infantry, Co. F

“Prince William Rifles”

at Haymarket March & April, 1861


From: Lee A. Wallace, Jr.,  17th Virginia Infantry


Company F, the Prince William Rifles, was organized at Haymarket, Prince William County, on November 26, 1859, with members from all parts of the county. Many of them were from the “Black Jack,” the section lying between the main line of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad and its branch line leading to Manassas. Dr. George S. Hamilton was elected captain. Frequent drills were held, and in time the company procured Springfield muskets and gray uniforms with dress caps with pompons. In April 1861, the company, numbering about sixty, went on active duty, and by May 14, they were at Manassas Junction. (Wallace pg. 16)


March 4, 1862

Goulding, Henry; Pvt., Co. F 3/4/62



April 26, 1861

Hamilton, George Stanton; Cpt., Co. F

Tyler, Grayson; 1st Lt., Co. F

Jordan, John Richard; 1st Sgt., Co. F


Hambrick, Lewis H.; Sgt., Co. F

Herrell, James Edward; Sgt., Co. F

Hulfish, Joel N.; Sgt., Co. F


Ebhardt, Frederick; Cpl., Co. F

Pattie, James A.; Cpl., Co. F


Basey, Edmund B.; Pvt., Co. F

Brady, Edward T.; Pvt., Co. F

Brady, James D.; Pvt., Co. F

Brady, John W.; Pvt., Co. F

Brady, Richard; Pvt., Co. F

Bristow, Robert Braxton; Pvt. Co. F

Burgess, Edward W.; Pvt. Co. F

Burgess, John R.; Pvt., Co. F

Carter, Winston Lafayette; Pvt., Co. F

Clowe, Elijah W.; Pvt., Co. F

Clowe, Thomas S.; Pvt., Co. F

Cogan, Charles E.; Pvt., Co. F

Davis, William E.; Pvt., Co. F

Ellis, Thomas R; Pvt., Co. F

Foley, Alexander R.; Pvt., Co. F

Foley, Richard A.; Pvt., Co. F

Foley, Willis F.; Pvt., Co. F

Haislip, Charles S.; Pvt., Co. F

Haislip, James N.; Pvt., Co. F

Harrison, John Calhoun; Pvt., Co. F

Harrison, William S.; Pvt., Co. F

Hunton, Logan; Pvt., Co. F

Hurst, James R.; Pvt., Co. F

Hutchison, Robert Leachman; Pvt., Co. F

Kennard, George W.; Pvt., Co. F

Lee, Rueben M.; Pvt., Co. F

McDonough, James; Pvt., Co. F

McIntosh, William S.; Pvt., Co. F

Mayhugh, Oscar G.; Pvt., Co. F

Nalls, Thomas W.; Pvt., Co. F

Newman, Marmion Rush; Pvt., Co. F

O’Shea, Thomas; Pvt., Co. F

Pattie, Oscar F.; Pvt., Prince William Rifles

Payne, James R.; Pvt., Co. F

Payne, Levi W.; Pvt., Co. F

Pickett, George S.; Pvt., Co. F

Polend, Charles J.; Pvt., Co. F

Polend, John T.; Pvt., Co. F

Rogers, Jesse S.; Pvt., Co. F

Rollins, James D.; Pvt., Co. F

Smith, William Randolph; Pvt., Co. F (*published diary)

Speake, Edward; Pvt., Co. F (age 45; rejected by mustering officer because of age)

Sutler, William C.; Pvt., Co. F

Turner, Thomas W.; Pvt., Co. F



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