Brownie Bass Tulloss
Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920
Cows at Shelter Farm ca 1955
Red House Tavern office building 2005

Men who enlisted in 8th Virginia Infantry, Co. C   

at Haymarket May 1861


Taken from: John E. Divine, 8th Virginia Infantry



May 8, 1861

Hunton, Eppa [does not say “Haymarket” but “elected Col. 5/8/61”]

Berkeley, Edmund: Lt. Col.

Wilson, Frederick: 1st Lt; Co. C

Stephenson, Joseph L.: 2nd Lt., Co. C

Tyler, Robert Horner: Captain; Co. C

Compton, Alexander H.: Sgt., Co. C

Dawson, William Fauntleroy: Sgt.; Co. C

Flesher, Andrew: Sgt.; Co. C [doesn’t say “at Haymarket” but date is 5/8/61]

Hesher, Uriah: Sgt.; Co. C

Hurst, Benjamin F.: Sgt.; Co. C

Tyler, George Bailey: Quarter Master Sergeant; Co. C

Allison, Warren T.: Cpl., Co. C

Ball, John: Cpl., Co. C

Carter, Thomas J.: Cpl., Co. C

Conrad, Marcus B.: Cpl., Co. C

Soper, Warner: Cpl., Co. C


Belt, George A: Pvt., Co. C

Belt, Greenburry J. P: Pvt., Co. C

Belt, James P.: Pvt., Co. C

Donohoe, Lewis J.:Pvt., Co. C

Downs, Cicero: Pvt., Co. C

Downs, James: Pvt., Co. C

Downs, William H.: Pvt., Co. C

Fair, William H.: Pvt., Co. C

Foster, Alexander: Pvt., Co. C

Fox, Newton Temple: Pvt., Co. C

Loving, Cleophas A.: Pvt., Co. C

Mathews, Noah E.: Pvt., Co. C

Mattocks, Richard T.: Pvt., Co. C

Mayhew, George Washington: Pvt., Co. C

Mayhew, Nimrod: Pvt., Co. C

Melton, James T.: Pvt., Co. C

Nalls, James William: Pvt., Co. C

Noland, Pierce: Pvt., Co. C

Norris, George H: Pvt., Co. C

Osborn, John W.: Pvt., Co. C

Roach, George W.: Pvt., Co. C

Sinclair, Wallace W.: Pvt., Co. C

Smith, George H.: Pvt., Co. C

Smith, Joseph W.: Pvt., Co. C

Swartz, John B.: Pvt., Co. C

Thornton, James F: Pvt., Co. C

Williams, John E.: Pvt.; Co. C


March 8 1862

Brawner, Robert: Pvt., Co. C

Lynn, Robert: Pvt., Co. C

Suddith, Oscar O.: Pvt., Co. C

Swain, James T.: Pvt., Co. C


May 25, 1862

Bell, Bushrod: Pvt., Co. C


Images in top banner, left to right: Brownie Bass Tulloss ca 1900; Haymarket Horse Show ca 1960; Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920; "Red House Tavern" office building 2005; Haymarket Women's Club meeting ca 1950s; Cows on Shelter Farm ca 1950

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