Brownie Bass Tulloss
Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920
Cows at Shelter Farm ca 1955
Red House Tavern office building 2005

German Immigrant Soldiers


The troops that burned Haymarket were made up largely of German immigrants fighting for the Union. The artist Adalbert Volck (1828-1912) was also a German immigrant but he sympathized with the Southern cause and made art that dramatized scenes akin to what Haymarket went through November 4-5, 1862 .

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Lieut. Kurd Baron von Veltheim, the Union soldier who was court martialed for burning Haymarket, was one of many German immigrants and German Americans who were proud to fight for the United States against the Confederate forces. "I Goes to Fight Mit Sigel" was a popular song with German troops who were particularly proud to serve under the command of General Franz Sigel, a German immigrant who was instrumental in recruiting German troops.


Many Southerners, however, considered these immigrants German troops a throwback to the Hessians who fought against the colonies during the Revolutinary War. They called them "beer drinkers," "damned dutch" and other derogatory names and considered them little more than marauders and pillagers. 


In the two etchings below, the artist Adalbert John Volck, depicts an idealized Southern citizenry at the mercy of pillaging German soldiers of the U.S. Army. These scenes suggest similar events of November 4-5, 1862 when soldiers searched homes for firearms then later burned the town of Haymarket.

Left: Searching for Arms

Below: Valient Men Dat Fite Mit Siegel

Confederate War Etchings, Caricature and Cartoon File, PR-010, Department of Prints, Photographs, and Architectural Collections, The New York Historical Society

Images in top banner, left to right: Brownie Bass Tulloss ca 1900; Haymarket Horse Show ca 1960; Lillian and Harry Brady on Haymarket Bridge ca 1920; "Red House Tavern" office building 2005; Haymarket Women's Club meeting ca 1950s; Cows on Shelter Farm ca 1950

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